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Disrupting Billion Dollar Industry with Patented Technology

Revenue Stream

SR project is expected to generate $300 million of patent license revenue annually and a gross revenue of $7.5 billion in next 25 years

25 Years of Global Protection

Legal protection of the technology for 25 years.  Patented technology cannot be manufactured, reproduced, or sold without the inventor’s permission

Licensing Agreement

Patent rights can be sold or licensed for royalties to a third party at the creator’s discretion, allowing a company to expand into other regions or markets.

SR Project Patent


Patent: Advanced A.I. System Processing & Data Collection

A.I. Powered 

Powerful A.I. calculates the user’s biometric data and provides a customized massage. The deep learning mechanic of the A.I. enables the system to provide faster and better solution each time it is used

Data Collection

Various biometric data such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation level, stress level, and etc are all recorded in a secure server and available for viewing 

Future-Proof Technology

Patent can promote further discovery, and increase in value over time


SRCOIN Ecosystem

Exchange Token

SRCOIN is used as an exchange token on 
VitBlock Exchange. Along with its proprietary technology, Inverse Mining, SRCOIN positions itself

to become a driving force behind crypto economy.

Market Liquidity

SRCOIN platform provides liquidity in the market by creating an ecosystem with distinct suppliers and consumers of the token economy.

Ownership of the Data

SRCOIN platform gives the ownership of the data to the users through blockchain technology. Users can grant and revoke access to the data at any time.


Future of SR Project

Unlike many blockchain projects that have no real value or legal status, SR project approaches the blockchain industry with a patented technology that will revolutionize the industry and place SR project in the center of the luxury massage chair industry and as a key player in medical data industry.


The patent, which is published worldwide, grants legal authority that places SR project in the center of the multi-billion dollar industry. To produce the next-generation massage chairs, the massage chair manufacturers will require SR project’s patent license agreement. Under the patent license agreement, the manufacturers are required to pay the license fee in SRCOIN tokens and use SR project platform to transmit and collect biometric data from the massage chairs.











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